The basis of my training is psychodrama, which was developed by Jacob Levy Moreno. This is a very playful type of constellation work, freer than the classic family constellations by Bert HellingerMy trainer, Monika Edelmann has further developed the effectiveness of this method, connecting it with the Free Spirit awareness training. Through this combination, it is possible to dive into the topics on a much deeper level.

My way of working is based on personal responsibility. I believe that only through personal responsibility can one truly live with intention, and sustainable/long-lasting self-determination – I’d like to show you this new way of feeling, and being. Together, we will illuminate your subconscious, where your behavioral patterns, and beliefs are stored, processing, and dictating your (life) experience. 

This constellation work offers great methods for exploration, helping to clarify your chosen topics on an intellectual level, as well as allowing you to feel them, and their attached emotions. It is this potent blend of thinking, and feeling that helps you process each issue more thoroughly. 


Anything that comes to mind can be set up. Through this work you can:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Find decision-making clarity (e.g. in job, relationship, family)
  • Recognize patterns and let go
  • Free yourself from doubts and fears
  • Expand options for action
  • Unfold potential
  • And much more

Constellation sessions are a playground on which life can be explored in a protected setting. This type of coaching can effectively help you stop the chatter in your head by allowing you to experience, recognize, and become familiar with each argument. It brings you clarity, shows you what you really need, and gives you the courage to implement it in your life.

Are you ready to take the reins of your own life, and live it to the fullest?


First, let’s talk about that “thing”, that one area in your life you want to take a closer look at. After we clarify the most important points, I use various elements from my constellation work toolbox, as well as other forms of therapy, in order to create a uniquely tailored experience for you. 

Objects are often used to represent relevant topics. These objects project your thoughts, beliefs, desires, and feelings making them tangible, thus manageable. 

The view from the outside, as well as the feelings brought on by each individual aspect, make it easier for you to recognize things, and connections (patterns), which can lead to deep insights.

Individual coaching requires a little more commitment, and empathy in the beginning than is perhaps the case with a group constellation. In return, individual coaching offers an intimate atmosphere in which you can examine each topic at ease, and step by step, with undivided attention, and guidance.


Through online coaching, we can meet, and work together regardless of geographical location.

Constellation work is also possible online, and it is suggested that you use pen & paper in this setting. We can track down your beliefs, and true intentions/fears by simply having a conversation, and laying the groundwork for the changes you want to make.

We can use Skype, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or any other convenient outlet. A traditional phone call (no video) is also viable, although I do not recommend it if other outlets are available.


Constellation sessions in a group are a fascinating event. This is a very effective way of experiencing a change of perspective, and finding new solutions.

All workshop participants are in the room, and participate when we constellate. You choose representatives from the group who represent relevant topics. The representatives role-play this content, and you simply observe what happens.

Having an external view, watching the interaction between the participants, and having the perception, and feedback from the representatives holds great potential for change as you get a deeper insight into the effects of your beliefs, desires, and feelings.

The advantage of group constellation is the ability to watch the interaction between relevant topics, which makes these clearly visible from the outside. The feedback from the people involved also enables a differentiated view of the topic.

You still want to participate, but are not ready to make your own constellation? That is also an option. You will be surprised with how much you can take away by simply helping with the constellations of others.

Constellation workshops are also suitable for team building, specifically for conflict resolution.