Coaching brings clarity to the clutter of your emotions, thoughts, beliefs, and social patterns. It does not matter whether it is an internal conflict, or a problem with the outside world. It allows you to experience new perspectives. This opens up new options to use when reacting. You’ll still take the necessary steps to create change within yourself, but by recognizing the real need hidden behind the story, you’ll find it easier to implement the wanted changes in your everyday life. 

Eine Frau mit langen blonden Haaren rennt der Sonne entgegen.


My coaching is a mix between conversation, feeling exercises, constellation work and other forms of therapy. It is useful if you want to work intensively on a topic or on your way of life and perspective. Together we will explore your patterns, fears, worries, desires and see how you can deal with it in a better way.

First, let’s talk about the thing you want to take a closer look at. Then I use various elements from the constellation work and other forms of therapy to make the topic tangible for you.

Recognizing your patterns and beliefs will help you understand yourself better. By accepting and feeling the pain, your fixed attention becomes free again, which gives you time and energy for new and different things.

Cost: CHF 120 per hour

Frau sitzt auf Couch mit einem Tee in der Hand und einem Laptop auf den Beinen


Through online coaching, we can meet, and work together regardless of geographical location.

We can track down your beliefs, and true intentions/fears also by simply having a online conversation, and laying the groundwork for the changes you want to make.

We can use Skype, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, or any other convenient outlet. A traditional phone call (no video) is also viable, although I do not recommend it if other outlets are available.

Cost: CHF 120 per hour (if living in Switzerland)
If living in another country, contact me for a price request and let me know your country of residence.

Brettspielfigur mit Schlüsselloch. Jemand steckt gerade einen Schlüssel darin


Individual Constellations requires a little more commitment, and empathy in the beginning than is perhaps the case with a group constellation. In return, individual Constellations offers an intimate atmosphere in which you can examine each topic at ease, and step by step, with undivided attention, and guidance.

The topics and people you want to set up are written on a piece of paper and laid out on the floor. Now you have the opportunity to take the perspective of every aspect and every person involved, which opens up new possibilities to react.

Together we get to the bottom of the unspoken and avoided topics. Feeling the pain that has been pushed away does wonders and releases a lot of ballast.

Cost: CHF 120 per hour
Duration: 1½ to 2 hours

Lavendel, ein Fläschchen und homöopathische Kügelchen liegen auf einer Platte, die alles leicht widerspiegelt.


Certain topics run deep and demand a lot from you. In such cases it can make sense to combine effective methods.

In this individual (Family) Constellations I accompany you through a process, while the experienced homeopath Maria-Theresa Dittli also supports you with homeopathic remedies. These will help you get the issues into healing faster and deeper. They do not have to be taken. Just holding the corresponding remedies shows its effect.

Where appropriate and desired, homeopathic remedies are given for use at the end of the list. They are included in the price.

This type of therapy is also ideal for couples who try to have children without success. A constellation as a couple shows personal but also old family blockages. Here, too, homeopathic remedies provide effective support in releasing blockages on the level of the body, soul and spirit.

Cost: on request
Duration: 1½ to 2 hours