I don’t have classical life coach training and don’t use one method created by someone else. If you decide to book a coaching session with me, I will share with you my knowledge from self-study and my experiences from retreats and trainings that have helped me on my personal path. Among other things, that as been a 40-day silent retreat, several awareness training, a chakra yoga teacher training and a trauma training course.

My way of working is based on personal responsibility. Because only in this way is it possible for you to live your life in a self-determined way. And that is where I would like to accompany you. We cannot undo what has happened. Neither can we bend the world to make it fit us. But we can always influence how we feel. This is the greatest power of man. Unfortunately, it is not taught in school or in the parental home.

With the help of trauma work, constellation elements, and feeling exercises, we illuminate your subconscious. This is where our behavioural patterns and beliefs come from and dictate our emotional world and, thus, our experience. My goal is to lead you back to a place where you are at peace with what is and is without having to approve of it.

Constellation work is an important tool in everything I do because it allows you to experience intellectual knowledge emotionally. Because knowledge changes our emotional world, in contrast to an experience, little or not at all.

The method itself does not bring healing. It is only a tool to get to your true pain. That’s why my main focus is on what you are feeling right now and how to deal with it. Because feelings are essential to our well-being. Unfortunately, in today’s society it is normal to suppress and/or hide them, which has devastating effects on the psyche and our life force.


The basis of my training is psychodrama, which was developed by Jacob Levy Moreno. This is a very playful type of constellation work and freer in its design than the widely used systemic family constellation. My trainer, Monika Edelmann has further developed the effectiveness of this method, connecting it with the Free Spirit awareness training. 

The biggest difference to the much better known systemic constellations is that the focus is all the time on you as an exhibitor and your well-being. You are involved in the constellation from the beginning and your process is in the center at any time. In a protected environment you can try out different things and gather emotional experiences. If emotions come up, I am there for you and accompany you through the pain. During the whole constellation you say where you want to go and how deep you want to go. 

Anything that comes to mind can be set up. Through this work you can:

  • Improve self-confidence
  • Find decision-making clarity (e.g. in job, relationship, family)
  • Recognize patterns and let go
  • Free yourself from doubts and fears
  • Expand options for action
  • Unfold potential
  • Face suppressed feelings and issues
  • And much more

Constellation sessions are a playground on which life can be explored in a protected setting. In this way, things are not only rolled back and forth in your head, but the various aspects are made visible and can be experienced. This has the effect that the topics are not only examined on an intellectual level, but also processed emotionally.

By feeling through the emotions, it is possible to resolve the issues on a much deeper level. It not only brings clarity, but also shows you what you really need and gives you the courage to implement it.



When we hear trauma, most people think of a single bad life event that was physically and/or emotionally overwhelming. But this is only one type of trauma. The much more widespread trauma is developmental or childhood trauma.

Childhood trauma can usually be traced back to early childhood, which means that most people do not consciously remember it. It is also not a single experience, but something that happens repeatedly over a long period of time. And this does not necessarily have to be physical violence. The inability of an authority figure to help the child regulate their own emotions can be enough. If powerlessness and helplessness are too great for too long, unhealthy ways of thinking, feeling and behaving can develop that persist into adulthood.

Since traumatic experiences are accompanied by the feeling of mortal danger (regardless of whether the mortal danger is real or not), we achieve very little or nothing with (logical) reason. Anyone who is plagued by phobias or fears knows this. For example, the logical mind knows that a small house spider cannot harm us and yet the fear is there. Or that the probability of crashing in an airplane is so many times smaller than being involved in a car accident. And yet the panic is there when flying and not when driving a car.

Successful trauma work takes time. Together we have to build up a safe field where the split-off parts can come back and show themselves. Only then do we get to the root of the problem. And only then significant chanes can happen.